About Us

Paul Okade Tech is a cyber-security company established in order to address the ever growing security challenges faced by internet user’s, whether those users are everyday people, companies or even governments. The founder Mr Paul Okade was once a victim of identity theft by a cyber-criminal who usedMr Paul Okade’s pictures and personal data to write and publish slanderous and defamatory wordpress blogs about him.
The culprit even went as far as creating fake twitter, facebook and Linkedin accounts in the name of Paul Okade and used those platforms to propagate his slanderous and defamatory rhetoric. It was at this point that our founder Mr Paul Okade realized his own personal vulnerabilities as far as Cyber Security was concerned, and he immediately enrolled on various training courses in order to equip and educate himself on the most modern and effective tools necessary to combat cyber-criminals and identity thieves.
We eventually managed to trace the culprit behind those malicious blogs and reported him to all the relevant authorities. It was a long fight and had it not been for the assistance and technical expertise of Mr Gus and Mrs Tosin Ogunlowo of Ba2you UK www.ba2you.co , we would still be in the midst of the war.
Cyber Security has become arguably the most important aspect of Information technology as far as I am concerned because it under-pins every other online activity. If you look at what is happening with even our young people and the growing epidemic known as“cyber-bullying” where cowards create fake fakebook and twitter profiles and use them to attack and bully innocent and vulnerable young people, then you would quickly realize just how vitally important online safety/cyber security really is. Cyber-bullying is a growing trend which has led to countless young people committing suicide. The internet was created/invented with the best of intentions, but because it is virtually impossible to effectively police it, unscrupulous individuals with low morals and sinister intentions have found it a useful platform to carry out their evil intentions on the weakest and most vulnerable in society, namely our children..
Paul Okade Tech therefore exists to train, equip and enlighten individuals, companies and governments with the necessary skills required to protect themselves, their businesses and their citizens from the onslaught of cyber-criminals.